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At The Fish Barn we carry some of the most unique and unusual Fresh Water Tropical Fish available.

Our Process and Quality Guarantee

We are a fully compliant 5 star rated Aquatic store in the South East of England.


All of our fish go through our own quarantine procedure in which we monitor the fish, watch them feed and medicate them to make sure that when they are ready to sell they are 100% healthy.


If we are not happy with the fish at this stage then we won't sell any fish until they are of optimum condition. 

We do not sell fish that we wouldn't buy ourselves!

Current Fish Stock List

We have 2 ways to view our current stock list. We have created a live, up-to-date stock list spreadsheet which has all of our stock categorised and colour coded for ease of use.

1. Visit our current fish stock list page

2. Visit our Facebook page

If you have any questions regarding our stock please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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The Fish Barn Policy

The Fish Barn will:

1. Only sell fish that are healthy and show no signs of illness

2. Not sell fish for an aquarium of under 20 litres capacity, with the exceptions of invertebrates, Betta species and Nano species. However the aquarium must be 12 litres or more for these species.

3. Not sell fish that grow too large for domestic aquaria.

4. Not swap or take in any fish. This helps reduce cross contamination.

5. Not sell any livestock to a minor, unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

6. Only purchase livestock from registered suppliers.(Relative to point 4)

7. All fish are kept and quarantined for at least 4-5 days before point of sale. We will cover any loss of livestock up to 48 hours after purchase, providing a water sample and either the specimen or photograph is provided. The refund is at the managements discretion.

8. Management decision is final.

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