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AquaEl LED Plant light 14w

AquaEl LED Plant light 14w

SKU: 5905546331593

a new tech lighting system for any aquarium . as standard out of the box you will receive a solid glass tube specific to your desired colour choice- specalised plantgrowth , marine spec along with actinic & day and night cosmetic aquarium lighting are all available.

• Emits light with a colour temperature specific to your choice (4 options available sunny , plant marine and actinic )
• Consumes half the energy of conventional fluorescent lamps.
• Long Lasting
• Universal and easy to install
- Low energy consumption using modern LED technology

These Universal LED light tubes also have the ingenious ability to convert to a T5 or T8 fitting and are adjustable in length with the purchase of an additional fitting kit . this will allow you to fit into almost any aftermarket light unit from hundreds of worldwide brands. if your aquarium light unit fails fear not. simply purchase your deseried length tube closest to your light unit size and purchase the relevant t5/t8 adaptor to retro fit into your existing lightbar.

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