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AquaOne Gravel Cleaner 16"

AquaOne Gravel Cleaner 16"

SKU: 9325136043273
  • Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine aquariums
  • Removes waste trapped in aquarium gravel substrates
  • Easy, self starting siphon
  • Suitable for all gravel sizes
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit most fish tanks

The Aqua One Vac A Tank Deluxe Aquarium Gravel Cleaners are perfect for removing waste from within your gravel substrate and can also be used as an aid in essential water changes. Available in a range of sizes to suit most aquariums the Aqua One Gravel Cleaners feature an easy self starting siphon and are suitable for all gravel sizes.

Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning aids to hand prior to gravel cleaning. We recommend a bucket, towel in case of spillage and some water conditioner to add to the water you will use to refill the tank..

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