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AquaOne worm feeder cone

AquaOne worm feeder cone

SKU: 9325136032468

Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone provides a simple and mess-free solution to feeding both live and frozen worms to your fish. Featuring a funnel-shaped design and transparent in colour, the Aqua One Worm Cone Feeder provides a slow release of food while allowing you to monitor your fish’s food intake.


Features & Benefits:

  • Funnel-shaped design allows for a slow release of food
  • Transparent design allows you to monitor your fish’s food intake
  • Constructed from durable plastic
  • Prevents food from scattering within the aquarium
  • Suction cup securely attaches worm feeder cone in place
  • Easy to install and remove

Suitable For: Tropical

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