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BD Trading Sand 25kg

BD Trading Sand 25kg

SKU: 5060158210015

Freshwater aquarium sand - PH Neutral, ideal for catfish, loaches and bottom feeding species.

This natural sand is identical to sand found in some natural habitats in Peru and many other places around the world.

It is pH neutral and is especially good for catfish, Corydoras, loaches and other bottom/river-bed dwelling species.
The sand itself is very soft, with no sharp edges, making it very kind to the delicate barbels on some species. Corydoras and loaches especially love to sift through it, looking for goodies !

It is cleaner and easier to maintain than gravel, in that muck and detritus gathers on the substrate and not in it, making it easier to remove.

Unlike some other sands, it does not compact either (until it’s at least 1m deep, a bit like quick-sand) which also makes it suitable for fluidized bed filters.

Suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums.

This sand is also great for AQUASCAPING !

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