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Crusta Mineral 35g

Crusta Mineral 35g

SKU: 4001615058642

Introducing Crusta Mineral 35g: The Ultimate Shrimp Health Enhancer!

Welcome to the world of Dennerle's Crusta Mineral 35g – the perfect solution to boost the health and vitality of your shrimp! Developed with utmost care and expertise, this incredible product is a must-have for all shrimp enthusiasts.

Better Health for your Shrimp

Crusta Mineral 35g is specifically formulated to provide essential minerals and trace elements necessary for optimal shrimp development. With a carefully balanced composition, it ensures that your crustaceans receive the nutrition they need, promoting vibrant colors, strong exoskeletons, and increased breeding success.

Unmatched Quality

Dennerle, a renowned name in the industry, presents Crusta Mineral 35g with uncompromised quality. Produced under strict quality standards, this premium product guarantees superior results, ensuring healthier and happier shrimp in your aquarium.

Easy to Use

Featuring a user-friendly format, Crusta Mineral 35g is effortlessly applied in shrimp tanks of all sizes. Simply sprinkle the desired amount into your aquarium, and let the magic unfold. Enjoy the convenience of swift application and watch your shrimp thrive!

Affordable Price

We understand the importance of value for money, and that's why Dennerle offers Crusta Mineral 35g at an unbeatable price of only £6.49. With this economical investment, you can ensure the long-term vitality of your beloved shrimp while keeping your budget intact.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your shrimp-keeping experience to new heights. Get your Crusta Mineral 35g today and witness the remarkable transformation in your aquatic wonderland!

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