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Esha Gastrobac 10ml

Esha Gastrobac 10ml

SKU: 8712592790093

eSHa GASTROBAC is an highly effectively treatment against bacterial disease in fresh water aquaria. eSHa Gastobac treats bacterial slime disease and bacterial infections of the slime layer. The presence of large quantities of dead organic material can result in fish diseases caused by bacteria, which are also known as bacterial slime disease. The disease manifests itself by the slime like substance in which the affected fish but also plants and ornaments can de (partially) covered. Large amounts of biological residues in the aquarium, such as food residues, dead plants, dead fish or snails generally are the breeding ground for the bacteria which cause this disease. eSHa Gastrobac can also be used as a preventative measure for treating new plants or ornaments before they are introduced to your aquarium.

eSHa Gastrobac is NOT tolerated by snails, aquatic gastropods (Zebra Snails, etc.) must be removed. It is well tolerated by fish, shrimps, plants and filter bacteria. Side effects and contraindications: none known.


Dosage eSHa Gastrobac:

1. Day 1: 20 drops per 100 l water
2. Day2: 10 drops per 100 l water
3. Day 3: 10 drops per 100 l water
10 ml are sufficient for 500 litres of water.

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