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Esha Gastropex 10ml

Esha Gastropex 10ml

SKU: 8712592790031


What is eSHa Gastropex Aquatic Snail Treatment?

eSHa Gastropex Aquatic Snail Treatment is a treatment for coldwater and tropical freshwater aquariums that combats hydra, bacterial blooms, cloudy water and snail colonisation. Gastropex effectively prevents and removes snails in your tank, stopping them from destroying aquatic plants and transmitting disease to your fish.

This treatment can be used within the tank, and is safe for fish and plants, or can be used as a preventative bath for all plants before entering your aquarium, ensuring nothing can get into the system from the start.

Why are aquatic snails a problem?

Snail colonisation can be quick and strong with runaway growth, so stopping this before they get started can make a huge difference. Snails destroying aquatic plants and transmitting disease can become a large problem in an aquarium, killing coldwater fish and plants.

What is the correct dosage of eSHa Gastropex Aquatic Snail Treatment?

The 10ml treatment bottle will treat 500l of aquarium water. If your tank is larger than 500l or you want to stock up for multiple treatments you will need to buy multiple 10ml bottles of aquarium treatment.

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