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Esha Gdex 20ml

Esha Gdex 20ml

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eSHa Gdex is the perfect solution for flatworms, skin and gill flukes, as well as tapeworms, that may be causing harm in your freshwater aquarium.

  • 20ml bottle treats up to 300l over the recommended 5 day course
  • Suitable for all freshwater, and fish-only marine, not to be used with marine invertebrates or corals
  • A broad-spectrum treatment that can be used with other eSHa ranges
  • Effective against skin flukes, gill flukes, tapeworms and flatworms

What does this solution treat?

This has exceptional control over many freshwater parasites, including Gyrodactylus, Dactylogyrus and Cestoda, keeping your aquarium healthy. Whilst acting against these parasites, Gdex is largely tolerated by plants, shrimp or filter bacteria. Signs to look out for on your fish to see if they require this treatment include excessive mucus secretion, rubbing against ornaments, red patches or irregular breathing.

What can I use with this treatment?

Like most of the eSHa range, this can be used in conjunction with other treatments in the range to cover a broad spectrum, including the eSHa 2000, eSHa Alx, and eSHa Hexamita. It is actively recommended to also use a regular daily dose of eSHa Optima for good fish health too, acting as a great preventative for stress and disease.

How do I use this treatment?

Suitable for use as a preventative measure as well as an active treatment, it comes in a 20ml bottle which is suitable for treating a 300l aquarium on a 5 day course.

To use, start with your initial dose on day 1, followed by a half dose on days 2 and 3. Then leave on day 4 and complete a 50% water change on day 5. As with most treatments, you should remove any chemical filtration that you have whilst you are treating the aquarium.

Is this treatment suitable for my aquarium?

This is suitable for use with freshwater systems, both tropical and coldwater, and can be used on marine fish in quarantine systems, though it could be harmful to marine invertebrates and corals.

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