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Esha Hexamita 20ml

Esha Hexamita 20ml

SKU: 8712592790048


Esha Hexamita Discus disease treatment is a professional treatment for cichlids and angelfish. It is safe to use with all freshwater tropical and coldwater fish as well as being harmless to fish, plants and filters.

There are a number of symptoms that your discus, angelfish or cichlids may show when contaminated with 'hole in the head' causing Hexamita parasite.


Symptoms of 'hole in the head' causing Hexamita parasite:

The infected fish is cast out from the group

Loss of appetite

Dull eyes

Darkening of skin

Apprehensive behaviour

Slow reactions

White stringy faeces

Hexamita also treats gill flukes, intestinal disorders and slimy skin. as well as fungus, finrot and dropsy.


This product comes with full dosage instructions. One 20ml bottle of Hexamita is enough to complete a three day dosage for an 800 litre aquarium.

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