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Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge

Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge

SKU: 015561104999

Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge:

The Fluval clean and clear cartridge brings crystal clean results to your aquarium with virtually no effort involved. By dramatically improving the quality of your water, aquatic hobbyists are able to enjoy hours of endless viewing pleasure courtesy of Fluval's advanced developments in water clarity.

This Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge is packed with special high-performance resins which are proven to effectively reduce phosphates concentration for healthier fish. The innovative cartridge which is small and compact for all types of aquaria, is also fantastic at removing nitrate, combining the removal of both toxins at once. The effects deliver health benefits to your fish and plants whilst simultaneously keeping water beautifully clear.

The Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge reduces tank maintenance by extending the time between water changes allowing you more time to appreciate your aquarium for its breathtaking natural beauty. The cartridge is simply added to the central Fluval U cartridge alongside the Biomax.

At a Glance:

Crystal clear results

No manual cleaning efforts involved

Maintains healthy fish and plants

Packed with special high performance resins

Reduces phosphate and nitrate levels

Small and compact for all aquariums

Extends time between water changes - reduces tank maintenance

Simply add to the Fluval U cartridge


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