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Hugo Akadama Substrate Small 1-4mm 8L

Hugo Akadama Substrate Small 1-4mm 8L

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Akadama (meaning – red ball earth in Japanese )

Hugo kamishis Akadama substrates are formed from volcanic clay, traditionally over many years in Japanese culture this substrate was used mostly by expert bonsai growers.
Hugo realised he could utilise this substrate as well to help nurture his watergardens and allow the plant roots really take hold and grow, due to its ability to retain water and nutrients this became hugo kamishis immediate choice for his base substrates.

The Akadama substrates provide very good water circulation thanks to its porosity and will also lower the pH and KH within the water too.

How to use :-

First you use a layer of Hugos Akadama substrate.
Secondary layer – you can use any large grain gravel/plant substrate apx 3-10 mm in size, this becomes a sealing substrate, helping to hold and to not let the nutrients that build escape back into the water column of your aquarium.

Lastly if you wish you top that off with small-size gravel (1-2 mm), soil or aquarium sand for decoration you can let your imagination be free and become creative. Overall this can provide a long-term balance within your water chemistry whilst creating an excellent base for plant root and growth. ultimately turning detritus/waste to plant nutrient on a long-term basis, all at the same time aiding with keeping pristine water conditions and optimal root zones for your plants and your creative masterpiece.

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