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JBL Aquadur Mineral salt 250g

JBL Aquadur Mineral salt 250g

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To create aquarium water that meets the demands of fish,

invertebrates and plants: to achieve ideal water values for freshwater aquariums.

For the hardness increase of soft water.

To add minerals to osmosis water

Constant water values: an increase of carbonate hardness as advised by experts and the stabilisation of the pH level.

Prevents a sudden drop in acidity

Healthy water, healthy fish: mineral salt mixture means fish are protected from mineral deficiency

Optimal dosing with enclosed measuring spoon.

Increases about 3000 l by 1° KH and 1.6° GH

Contents: 1 tin Aquadur, 250 g.

To use:

1 measuring spoon (18.75 g)/100 l water results in an increase of about 2.5 ° dKH.


Nature at Home – Home for Fish and Plants

Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild Transform your aquarium water into biotope-like water to protect your aquarium dwellers. The minerals of the carbonate hardness stabilise the pH level in the aquarium water and thus prevents a sudden drop in acidity and strong fluctuations. The carbonate hardness needs to be at least 4-5 ° dKH. If the values are lower you need to add JBL Aquadur. When using osmosis water JBL Aquadur is suitable for adding minerals to the osmosis water.

Advantages of the JBL water conditioners

Essential mineral salts are added, the carbonate hardness is raised quickly, the pH level is stabilised, the fish are protected from mineral deficiency, the filter bacteria work optimally, the water parameters are constant, a sudden drop in acidity is averted.

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