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NT Labs Algae wafers 40g

NT Labs Algae wafers 40g

SKU: 733809001151

Introducing the NT Labs Algae wafers, a powerhouse solution to combat algae growth for your aquatic friends! Specially formulated by the renowned brand, NT Labs, these 40g algae wafers are the ultimate companion for maintaining a pristine and balanced aquarium environment. Say goodbye to unsightly algae blooms and hello to crystal-clear waters with NT Labs Algae wafers. As algae can be a stubborn adversary in any fish tank, these wafers have been meticulously designed to provide a highly effective and efficient solution. The algae wafers comprise a unique blend of high-quality ingredients that not only target and exterminate algae but also ensure the optimal growth and health of your aquatic pets. With essential nutrients and vitamins packed into each wafer, your fish and other aquatic species will not only enjoy a tasty treat but also receive a wholesome diet balanced in nutritional value. Perfectly suited for bottom feeders, herbivorous fish, and invertebrates, the 40g NT Labs Algae wafers encourage natural feeding behavior and offer superior palatability. Immersed in the aquarium, these wafers slowly dissolve, releasing the powerful formula to combat algae and provide long-lasting results. Priced at just £6.49, this cost-effective solution provides great value for your hard-earned money. Invest in NT Labs Algae wafers today and keep your aquarium looking pristine, vibrant, and full of life. Watch as your aquatic inhabitants thrive in a well-maintained environment, free from the clutches of unsightly algae.

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