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NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g

NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g

SKU: 733809001120

Introducing the NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g, the perfect dietary solution to meet the unique nutritional needs of your adult axolotl pets. Specially formulated by the renowned NT Labs brand, this high-quality pellet is bound to provide your amphibious companions with a nourishing and fulfilling meal every time. Crafted with precision, the NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g contains a blend of essential nutrients and vitamins that mirror the natural diet of axolotls to ensure optimal health and vitality. Each pellet is thoughtfully created to cater to the specific dietary requirements of adult axolotls, making it an ideal choice for responsible axolotl keepers. With a focus on convenience, the NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g is designed to float on the water's surface, facilitating easy feeding and allowing complete consumption without any wastage. This nutrient-rich formula supports both growth and color development in your axolotls, enhancing their overall appearance and maximizing their potential. Priced at just £10.99, this competitively priced NT Labs product offers excellent value for money. With a generous 165g quantity, this container will provide you with an ample supply to meet your axolotls' nutritional needs in the long run. Take the well-being of your adult axolotls to new heights with the NT Labs Axolotl Adult Pellet 165g. Delivering on both quality and affordability, this product ensures your beloved pets receive the best care possible with every feeding.

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