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NT Labs Catfish Pellets 60g

NT Labs Catfish Pellets 60g

SKU: 733809000994

Introducing NT Labs Catfish Pellets 60g, the ultimate choice for catfish enthusiasts! Developed by the renowned brand NT Labs, these pellets deliver premium quality nutrition to ensure the health and vitality of your beloved aquatic companions. Our Catfish Pellets contain a meticulously balanced blend of high-quality ingredients, specifically tailored to meet the unique dietary requirements of catfish. Packed with essential nutrients, these pellets promote optimal growth and enhance the natural coloring of your fish, leaving them looking vibrant and healthy. Crafted with the utmost care, our pellets are specially formulated to provide a sinking consistency, ensuring they reach catfish at all levels of your aquarium. This feature allows for an engaging feeding experience for your fish, as they eagerly scavenge for their meal. NT Labs Catfish Pellets are designed to hold together in the water, preventing unnecessary waste and aiding in maintaining water quality. With these pellets, you can be confident that your tank remains clean and your catfish are receiving the nutrition they need. Priced at the affordable rate of £5.99, NT Labs Catfish Pellets 60g offer exceptional value for money, providing you with a cost-effective solution for your catfish's dietary needs. Bring home these nutrient-rich pellets today and watch your catfish thrive in their aquatic habitat!

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