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NT Labs Probiotic 45g

NT Labs Probiotic 45g

SKU: 733809001243

For Freshwater Fish


Probiotic bacteria increases digestion resulting in significantly less waste and cleaner water.


Contains at-least 5 million viable probiotic cultures per gram.

Probiotic Tropical fish food is a premium feed for freshwater tropical fish. Containing probiotic bacteria, this granular fish feed ensures your fish absorb more of the nutrients, resulting in less waste and improved water quality. Stimmune supports a fish’s immune system, keeping them healthy and primed to fight off disease. Packed with natural colour-enhancing and highly nutritious spirulina to emphasise the colours of your fish, and with easily digestible krill and squid meal. Probiotic Tropical is highly palatable and beneficial to a wide variety of species. Probiotic Tropical fish food granules break the surface of the water at different rates, allowing fish to feed at their preferred position in the water column.

Price: £5.99

Invest in the health and vitality of your underwater world with NT Labs Probiotic 45g. Order now and witness the remarkable difference in the well-being of your aquatic companions.

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