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Oase Crystal Skim 350

Oase Crystal Skim 350

SKU: 4010052869469

Oase CrystalSkim 350 Aquarium Skimmer


Introducing the new innovative CrystalSkim 350 Aquarium Surface Skimmer from Oase. The Oase CrystalSkim 350 delivers a crystal-clear water surface through the reliable removal of very fine plant detritus, biofilm and film residue formed by microorganisms from your aquarium water's surface. The removal of the biofilm/film residue prevents poor gas exchange, improving conditions for fish and other aquarium inhabitants.

The Oase CrystalSkim 350 comes equipped with a powerful yet quiet 300LPH pump which can be adjusted to achieve a crystal-clear surface at just the right output level. The compact and modern design of the Oase Aquarium Skimmers lets them fade discretely into the background. The integrated safety grid provides an additional safeguard for your aquarium inhabitants. The Oase CrystalSkim Aquarium Skimmers feature a floating ring which adapts to the surrounding water level increasing maintenance intervals without having to top up the water.

The CrystalSkim 350 Aquarium Skimmer is equipped with an extra long 2m power cable for easy positioning and setup and comes backed by a 3 year Oase guarantee for peace of mind.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 36mm x 36mm x 116mm
Suitable for aquariums up to 350 litres
Powerful 300LPH pump for crystal clear surfaces
Economical 4.5w power usage
Adjustable flow rate
Modern, compact, discrete design
Very simple and easy to use
Floating ring adapts to aquarium water level
Integrated safety grid to protect aquarium inhabitants
Extra long 2m power cable length
3 Year guarantee



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