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Original Stendker Goodheart 500g

Original Stendker Goodheart 500g

SKU: 4260251870029

The classic

Original STENDKER Good Heart Classic.

With its high-quality ingredients, the STENDKER Good Heart Classic has been tried and tested for decades and is loved by discus fish all over the world

With many important ingredients, minerals, vitamins and probiotics for keeping discus fish optimally healthy.

Please thaw the food completely in the refrigerator before feeding.

We recommend three meals of Good Heart a day, with 5-7.5 g or 1-1.5 blisters per meal being perfectly sufficient for a group of 10 discus.

Original STENDKER Good Heart Classic is available as an inexpensive 500g bar and as a practical and easy-to-dose 100g blister.



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