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Shrimp King Complete 45g

Shrimp King Complete 45g

SKU: 4001615060706

Shrimp King Complete 45g

Introducing the Shrimp King Complete 45g, the ultimate nutrition solution for your beloved shrimps. This exceptional product, brought to you by Dennerle, is designed to provide a complete and balanced diet to enhance the health and colors of your tiny aquatic friends.


1. Optimal Nutrition: Shrimp King Complete is formulated with high-quality ingredients to meet the specific dietary needs of shrimps. It contains a rich blend of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and natural ingredients to support healthy growth and vibrant colors.

2. Enhances Immune System: The balanced combination of essential nutrients enhances the shrimps' immune system, making them more resistant to diseases and stress. This leads to higher survival rates and overall better well-being.

3. Easy to Use: Shrimp King Complete comes in convenient 45g packaging, ensuring freshness and allowing easy portioning. Its granular form quickly sinks to the bottom of the tank, making it easily accessible for all shrimps.

Price: £9.99

Shrimp King Complete 45g is incredibly affordable for the value it provides. You can now offer the finest nutrition to your shrimps without breaking the bank.

Invest in the Shrimp King Complete 45g today and witness the remarkable transformation of your shrimps' health and beauty. Ensure their well-being with this exceptional product from Dennerle!

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