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Shrimp King Mineral 45g

Shrimp King Mineral 45g

SKU: 4001615060737

Shrimp King Mineral 45g

The Shrimp King Mineral 45g is a premium product formulated by the renowned brand, Shrimp King. Specifically designed for shrimp owners, this mineral supplement provides essential minerals and trace elements necessary for healthy growth and vibrant colors in your beloved shrimp.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Promotes Healthy Shell Formation: The Shrimp King Mineral contains vital minerals, including calcium and magnesium, which aid in the formation of strong and robust exoskeletons, ensuring the overall well-being of your shrimps.

2. Enhances Colors: This specialized formula also includes elements such as iodine and iron, known to intensify natural colors, giving your shrimp a stunning and vibrant appearance.

3. Supports Molting Process: With proper mineral supplementation, the molting process is facilitated, reducing the risk of molting-related complications and promoting successful molting.

4. Improves Reproduction: Shrimp King Mineral provides the necessary nutrients to support the reproductive health of your shrimp, boosting their breeding capabilities and ensuring a thriving population.

Price and Packaging

The Shrimp King Mineral 45g is available for the affordable price of $10.99. Each package contains 45 grams of the product, ensuring a long-lasting supply for your shrimp keeping needs.

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