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Shrimp King Protein 45g

Shrimp King Protein 45g

SKU: 4001615060720

Shrimp King Protein 45g

Brand: Dennerle

Price: £9.99

About Shrimp King Protein

The Shrimp King Protein 45g by Dennerle is a high-quality premium food designed specifically for shrimp that require a protein-rich diet. The product contains a well-balanced mix of high-quality proteins, essential amino acids, and vital substances, ensuring optimal growth, health, and vibrant colors in your shrimp.


- Protein-rich formula to enhance shrimp growth

- Contains essential amino acids for overall health

- Promotes vibrant colors in shrimp

- Ideal for demanding shrimp species

- Easily digestible and does not cloud the water

- Suitable for freshwater shrimp habitats

How to Use

Feed your shrimp with Shrimp King Protein 45g approximately once or twice a day. Only feed the amount that your shrimp can consume within one hour to prevent overfeeding and maintain water quality. Remove any uneaten food after this time period to avoid water contamination.


This product is specifically designed for shrimp and should not be used as a sole food source. It is recommended to provide a varied diet to promote optimal nutrition and overall well-being for your shrimp.

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