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Shrimp King Yummy Gum 50g

Shrimp King Yummy Gum 50g

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Shrimp King Yummy Gum 50g


Introducing the Shrimp King Yummy Gum 50g by Dennerle, the perfect treat for your beloved shrimps! Specially designed to cater to the nutritional needs of shrimp, this high-quality gum will surely become a favorite among your aquatic friends.

Flavorful and Nutritious

Each pack of Shrimp King Yummy Gum contains a mouth-watering blend of natural ingredients that shrimps adore. This delectable treat is formulated with carefully selected components, including algae, vegetable by-products, and natural minerals. It offers a balanced diet to support the overall health and vitality of your shrimps.

Optimal for Growth and Coloration

Shrimp King Yummy Gum not only satisfies shrimps' cravings but also contributes to their vibrant and stunning coloration. This gum is fortified with essential amino acids, natural carotenoids, and high-quality proteins that enhance the colors of your shrimp, promoting their optimal growth and development.

Easy and Convenient

With its compact 50g packaging, the Shrimp King Yummy Gum is ideal for easy storage and allows you to dispense the right amount to prevent overfeeding. Its resealable bag ensures the gum remains fresh, preserving its tempting aroma and taste.

Bring Joy to Your Shrimps

Indulge your shrimps with the Shrimp King Yummy Gum 50g by Dennerle. Priced at only £9.99, this premium gum guarantees to be a flavorful delight that will keep your shrimps happy and healthy. Order yours now and witness the joyous feeding frenzy in your aquarium!

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