Herbivore sinking Granules Sm 250ml


• soft food in the form of sinking granules for herbivorous and omnivorous African fish
• contains algae (Spirulina platensis 20%, Laminaria digitata 4.1%, Chlorella vulgaris 2.8%, Lithothamnium calcareum 1.2%), which are the sources of: protein, minerals, immunity-enhancing substances, prebiotics and other
• regulates digestion and prevents alimentary tract inflammatory disorders due to the high content of fibre (from fruit and young alfalfa among other sources), chitin from crustaceans and chlorophyll from algae
• intensifies fish's coloration
• encourages fat metabolism

FEEDING: several times per day using small portions. Shake gently before use to prevent natural process of caking.

Tropical Softline Africa Herbivore Sinking Granules 250ml

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