Floating Type 250ml


• multi-ingredient, floating food which contains soft sticks, dried shrimps (20%), dried mealworms (8%) and dried crickets (2%)
• intended for everyday feeding of large species of carnivorous fish
• the main components of the food are extruded sticks
• green sticks are the source of valuable spirulina, which together with fibre regulates digestion
• red sticks are the source of protein (rich in essential amino acids) and astaxanthin, which intensifies coloration
• natural immune stimulator beta-glucan, stabilized vitamin C and active substances of spirulina improve fish’s resistance to diseases
• properly selected vitamins and trace elements prevent deficiencies of these substances and keep fish in excellent condition
• soft texture makes it readily accepted by the fish

Tropical Softline Carnivore Floating Type 250ml

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