100% natural, rich in astaxanthin and valuable amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids 

That's new TROPICAL product – FD CALANUS.

It provides an excellent diet for freshwater and marine fish, whose natural diet is based on plankton crustaceans. FD CALANUS contains freeze-dried plankton crustaceans, which come from clear North Atlantic waters. It is their natural origin that ensures unique palatability and encourages fish to feed. Thanks to the high content of natural astaxanthin (min. 330 mg/kg) calanus intensifies fish’s coloration. It is also the source of protein rich in essential amino acids, which facilitates fish's development, maturation and spawning.

Calanus also contains unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-9. Natural, freeze-dried product does not cause water cloudiness.      

FD Calanus 100ml

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