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Tetra Pro Energy Multi-Crisp 100ml

Tetra Pro Energy Multi-Crisp 100ml

SKU: 4004218143524

This advanced food from Tetra is a premium food to boost health, enhance colours and produce vibrant and energetic fish.

Tetra include a high standard of vitamins and minerals, as well as L-carnitine to make this one of the best foods to support a healthy system. Proteins are taken from natural sources, including fish, vegetables and rich alage for the best diet and vibrantly healthy fish.

Each light and tasty wafer have a concentrated energy centre. This improves the overall condition of the fish from the inside out. Colours are enhanced too, revealing the beautiful hues of your tropical fish.

Like all of Tetra's tropical fish food, TetraPro produces little waste. This is thanks to the easily digestible formula, which produces little waste and keeps the aquarium in good condition.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed a small amount 1-3 times per day. Remove excess food after a few minutes to avoid a waste problem.

Key Features:

Premium food for the best results
Suitable for all tropical fish
Concentrated energy center
Light formula for increased feeding
Easy to digest - low waste
Gentle, low-heat manufacturing process for high nutritional value and vitamin stability

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