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Tetra TabiMin Tablets 120 36g

Tetra TabiMin Tablets 120 36g

SKU: 4004218759107

Tetra TabiMin

Complete food tablets for nutritionally balanced feeding of all bottom-feeding fish. Contains shrimps to ensure a great food acceptance.

  • Complete food


The optimal, varied nutrition for bottom-feeding and timid fish

Contains shrimps for enhanced palatability

Tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed and release the food slowly

For health, colour and vitality

Feeding Form


More information

The balanced tablet food Tetra TabiMin offers bottom-feeding and timid fish an optimum and varied diet. The tablets sink quickly and can be strategically positioned if required to allow timid fish to feed without being disturbed. Thanks to the tablet form, the food releases slowly in the water. The Tetra TabiMin multi-tablets have two colours. The brown side contains algae and its valuable minerals. The yellow/beige side contains high-quality fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids to enhance colour vibrancy as well as essential minerals and trace elements. The addition of shrimps makes the food even more palatable for the fish. Regular feeding with Tetra TabiMin promotes good health, colour vibrancy and vitality.

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