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Vetark Fluke Solve 10G

Vetark Fluke Solve 10G

SKU: 5029411651101

Ornamental fish such as discus can harbour a variety of parasites, and often they remain undiscovered until they have been introduced into a new aquarium. This can be a particular problem with fish which have originated from the wild.

Flukes belong to the group of parasites known as Monogean trematodes. The commonest affecting pet fish are the Dactylogyrus species and Gyrodactylus species.

These parasites, called cestodes or tapeworms, are internal parasites which affect a wide variety of fish species including carp as well as aquarium fish such as discus.

For aquarium tanks, again it may be tricky to have a complete clean out of the system, so annual treatment with Fluke-Solve Aquarium will ensure that the fish remain free of these parasites

Comes in a handy 10 grams sachet to treat 2500 litres (550 gallons)
   Easy to use - dissolves quickly without boiling or solvents
   Effective - one dose kills adult flukes and larvae
   Simple double dosing regime takes care of fluke eggs as well
   Measuring scoop for small tanks

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