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Water Container 25ltr

Water Container 25ltr

SKU: 4354514641

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for carrying out water changes
  • Handle makes them easier to carry
  • Small opening with sealable top limits spills
  • Can be used to transport RO water
  • Available in 5, 10 and 25 L sizes.



A necessity for every fishkeeper. These 25L water containers are perfect for carrying out water changes, the handle makes them easy to carry and the small opening with sealable top means spills are kept to a minimum. Much safer than an open bucket. Also great for transporting water, many of our stores offer RO water and some even offer ready mixed saltwater. These barrels mean you can easily pop down to your local store to collect your aquarium water.

These storage containers can also be stacked in order to store water for future use. Available in both 10L and 25L sizes.




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