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It all started about 21 years ago when I purchased a small aquarium for the lounge. It looked good with the tropical fish that I bought and I was pleased with it.


Everything was going well until I went to purchase some more fish and I came across this fish called Discus. Because of the size of the aquarium, I wasn’t able to have them, so the current tank went and a new very large tank arrived. It wasn’t long before these beautiful fish started to pair up, lay eggs, fight and keep all of the other fish down at one end of the tank until the eggs were eaten.

I then bought a small shed, fully insulated it, filled it with tanks then moved all the pairs into the tanks. It was great watching everything hatch, grow then move on. Since then it was closed down for a year or so then setup again into a shed for African Cichlids for a couple of years.

I have always said that if the opportunity ever came up to buy a big fish house and everything clicked into place I’d go for it. Then in December 2013 it happened. I bought a fish house and all contents, rented a barn, completely stripped it out and rebuilt it to what it is now. The Fish Barn was born.

The Fish Barn is a new venture started up in December 2013 and supplies quality general Tropical fish which also includes Czechoslovakian sourced F1 African Cichlids and all wild caught South American species of fish at very good prices. We are able to take requests for fish and we’ll try our best to bring you the fish you want .

We will NOT stock species of fish that grow too large for aquariums, for example “Red Tail Catfish”.

We now have a delivery service available to customers nationwide (UK) for £28 for as many fish as you want up to 10kg. However we urge customers to come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. we hope to do business with you soon!

Alan and Elliott,
The Fish Barn

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