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AquaOne Azalea Root Extra Large 50-60cm

AquaOne Azalea Root Extra Large 50-60cm

SKU: 9325136119442


Aqua One Azalea Root Natural Wood Extra Large 50-60cm

The Aqua One azalea root pieces are completely genuine and natural wood, perfect for any freshwater tropical or coldwater aquarium. Each piece will be between 50-60cm in length and provide swimming channels and shelter for your fish as well as a great centre piece and decoration for your aquarium fish tank.

Please note: All images are an example of an azalea root supplied. Because all are natural pieces of real wood, each piece or pieces ordered will be random and unique and will vary in size and shape - some will be small and spindly, others tight clumps of root.

  • Top quality real natural wood from Aqua One
  • Provides swimming channels & shelter for your fish
  • Turns a beautiful red colour in water
  • Perfect for planted aquariums
  • Every piece is unique in shape and size
  • Please soak all wood before use
Only 6 left in stock
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