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Dennerle Cleanator

Dennerle Cleanator

SKU: 4001615046038



Dennerle Cleanator Sponge is a tough, long lasting, double-sided aquarium cleaner which is tough on dirt but gentle on glass and silicone seals. The Cleanator with two surfaces is ideal for cleaning aquariums. The stainless-steel wool on one side removes even the most stubborn algae and limescale residues, without scratching the glass. The sponge side softly and gently removes lighter dirt and algae. It also gets into the tightest of corners thanks to its ergonomic shape. This ensures a clear view into the aquarium. This product is chemical-free, safe for animals and plants and child-safe as there are no sharp blades. These Cleanators have proven to be very popular with aquascapers and hobbyists alike and are suitable for use on both standard and low ion glass aquariums.

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