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Fluke Solve Plus 50g

Fluke Solve Plus 50g

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Vetark are delighted to announce the launch of Fluke-Solve Plus®, the product specially designed for resistant flukes which have recently become a problem for koi keepers.

Fluke-Solve Plus® uses a combination of the well-tried technology of Fluke-Solve®, which is a special formulation of praziquantel which easily and rapidly dissolves in ponds , combined with nitroscanate – you can see it dispersing through the water as soon as you add it to your pond.

Fluke-Solve Plus® is safe with biofilters and plants.
It is available in 3 pack sizes, 100 grams, 50 grams and 10 grams.

10g treats 250 litres/550 gal
50g treats 12500 litres/2750 gal
100g treats 25000/5500 gal

Goldfish (and crucian carp) have specific enzymes which can react adversely with nitroscanate, one of the active ingredients of Fluke-Solve Plus.

All communication including the VETARK website and the product label now has the recommendations to restrict its use to Koi Carp only. Older packaging will not state this warning so please be aware of the safety concerns regarding goldfish.

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