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NT Labs Tadpole 50g

NT Labs Tadpole 50g

SKU: 733809000864

Pro-f - Tadpole Food

  • Pro-f - Tadpole Food
  • Insect Meal Protein
  • Replicates Natural Diet
  • Native & Exotic Tadpoles •

Once tadpoles reach 6 weeks old, they start to grow their back legs and their diet changes from herbivorous to carnivorous. In wild ponds, many tadpoles do not survive past this stage. Pro-f Tadpole Food is a sinking micro pellet that is high in natural insect meal protein. It has been specially formulated to meet the dietary requirements of growing tadpoles. This food can be fed to wild native tadpoles to improve survival rates as well as captive exotic tadpoles.


Feed once daily, avoid over feeding.

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