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Sicce Shark ADV 400 Internal Filter

Sicce Shark ADV 400 Internal Filter

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Product Details


What is the Sicce Shark Advanced Internal Filter?
The Sicce Shark Advanced Internal Filter is an extremely silent, powerful and long-lasting internal filter that features the revolutionary MCS (Magnet Connecting System) that allows for easier access to the filtering units which will simplify your maintenance operations.
The filter also features interchangeable and modular cartridges that increase the biological and chemical filtering volume.

Key Features:

  • Extremely silent
  • Power and long lasting
  • Ideal for eliminating dye and smells from water leaving it crystal clear
  • Resistant support of four suction cups
  • Provides optimal water oxygenation

What are the benefits of this filter?
The Sicce Shark Advanced Internal filter features an adjustable Venturi system which allows for optimal water oxygenation by diverting more air into the filter during pulse cleaning, this will minimize your energy cost and optimises energy usage which will result in more efficient cleaning and the pump can be orientated up to 150° to divert water flow to your entire aquarium.
It also features an intake with adjustable strainer to control your water flow and prevent any of your fish from accidently crossing, which would be ideal for breeding fry, small fish and any of your shrimp. The filter also comes with four suction cups which is a more resistant support than other filters and allows for an easy and stable position.

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